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Villa Tanah Hotel & Spa

Villa Tanah is located at just 50 minutes from São Paulo and was designed to provide its guests with the charm of living amidst nature.

The intense native forest, waterfalls, natural pools, cabins integrated into the forest and suites surrounded by watercourses make Villa Tanah the perfect setting for a magical getaway.

Enjoy this wonderful private universe.

Retreats and Experiences

On some specific weekends, Villa Tanah is booked by professionals who prepare meetings with unique experiences.

Experiences aimed at the evolution of consciousness for a better world.

We invite you to be part of this transformation.

Consult our schedule.

Corporate Events

Villa Tanah is the ideal place for team meetings. We offer an inspiring space for great insights and deep well-being for group integration.

And the best: the exclusivity of Villa Tanah to provide comfort and privacy to your team.

Celebrate life at Villa Tanah

If your goal is to celebrate life, birthdays, miniweddings or simply enjoy the company of friends, here is the ideal space for your event.

Villa Tanah provides a unique encounter of coexistence, celebration and love.

Give wings to your imagination!