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Corporate Events

In an escape from the hectic routine, the automatic, the repetition of everyday life, we offer a welcoming environment, so that your team work could reconnect, be inspired, expand their creativity and return to the work environment re-energized.

For corporate events, we guarantee the exclusivity of our space, providing an environment of connection, relaxation and productivity.

We customize these meetings by offering relaxing activities for moments of rest, such as guided meditations, Yoga class, stretching/relaxation, hiking, beach tennis championships, MPB pocket show, all within the group’s profile and interest.

Gastronomia e Estrutura


Our space has a 118mts2 hall facing a lake with a projector and screen for meetings and group dynamics.

Our lunches could be taken outdoors, under a centenary jabuticaba tree, next to a waterfall and surrounded by lots of greenery.

At night, a community table by candlelight, with a cutting-edge cuisine menu to end a pleasant day at work.

We have 12 accommodations that can comfortably accommodate up to 24 guests.


Contact for Events

To organize an event, please get in touch by email, phone or whatsapp: