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The Villa Tanah

Villa Tanah was inspired by the Hygge movement, which proposes an affective look at moments of comfort in the little things of everyday life, inviting guests to reconnect with their roots.

Our purpose is to make our guests remember the value of the simplest things in life, to be dazzled by the beauty and power of nature, to experience moments of silence, a good read, peace and quietness for whom enjoy drinking water directly from the mine, enjoying a waterfall bath, taking a bike ride or a simple walk in the woods. May you find the cure you are looking for. May you discover here the strength and energy that remained to move forward, and renewed in your best version, take this state of mind with you on your return. This is our proposal for a better world.

Fulfilling our commitment to the Planet, we invest in clean and renewable sources to ensure the self-sustainability of our space. Thus, our solar panels generate the energy necessary for our activities, and in terms of water, we have a spring of mineral water and a well, inviting our guests to conscious consumption of this precious resource.

Come and experience the experience of being in harmony with the world!

Our story

Villa Tanah was born from a dream.

During a retreat in Alter do Chão (Amazon), in the middle of that dense forest, its creator experienced a feeling of absolute fullness in the face of the extraordinary power of nature. There, in the largest aquifer in the world, in that routine of walking on the dirt floor, swimming in the igarapé, and admiring the stars at night, the desire arose to bring this experience of living with nature to as many people as possible, especially those who live in big cities, under pressure and stress.

That was the big challenge, because nature is not made, it simply exists.

Thus began the search for rural areas and as possible places were visited, some requirements emerged: the location should be a maximum of one hour drive from São Paulo, it would need to have nature water fount, a good access road, and a little dirt road too, to incorporate the idea of ​​bush. The idea was a place with woods, very green, with no view of any construction whatsoever. Feel embraced by nature, far from civilization. The search wasn’t easy, but as it always happens when we have a dream, Villa Tanah appeared out of the blue, after eight months of searching, like a gift from life. Its former owner, the medium and writer Luis Antonio Gasparetto, who carried out his activities and meetings on spirituality here, had just put it up for sale.

So it was that the Universe, conspiring with the special purpose of this place, allowed the negotiation to flow naturally in the first meeting, and in less than 10 minutes of conversations the deal was closed.

But such a sacred place has no owner. The land, the soil (Tanah translation in Indonesian) belongs to itself. Her owners will pass away, but she will always remain.

From that moment on, everything started to happen as it had to be and Villa Tanah began to attract the professionals who this place deserve: architects Rosana Buonerba (architectural project) and Marcelo Salum (interior project), eng. Marcelo Moraes and all the collaborators of the work, the administrator Eldon, our dear gardeners: Mr. Reinaldo, Mr. Antonio and his son Julio. Once ready, we added family members to our team, who became part of our team of maids: Romilda, Angela, Amanda and Dejane.

We invited chef Valdir Nunes to our restaurant to provide true gastronomic experiences for our guests.

That is how our dear Villa Tanah family was borned.