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Villa Tanah Hotel & Wellness

Come and disconnect from the outside world in an environment of great privacy and comfort, living gastronomic experiences designed exclusively for your lifestyle.


Each space was lovingly designed within the concept of biophilic architecture, to be a place of healing and pursuit of the physical and emotional well-being of our guests, as well as a gentle invitation to disconnect from the technological paraphernalia of the outside world.


Surrounded by an exuberant landscape of greenery, clear waters and rich fauna, Villa Tanah is the perfect place for moments of silence and stillness that allow you to simply appreciate the beauty of country life.

Forest trails, waterfalls and bonfires will make your days very special around here.

We also have a complete structure for wellness: sauna, heated pool, massages, therapies, and a hydrotherapy circuit for the feet.

For those who enjoy sports, we also have a beach tennis court and incredible itineraries for walks and bike trails in the region.

Gastronomy – Farm to Table

In our kitchen all foods are welcome. We choose a special menu that meets all tastes and lifestyles, using seasonal resources, in the farm to table system, and we adapt our menu to the needs and gastronomic desires of our guests.

Our wine list, as Brazilians that we are, prioritized our country, but our cellar is open to guests who prefer to bring their favorite wines. We do not charge corkage. 


The hotel offers its guests the following therapies*:

Relaxing massage, Miofascial Release, Miofascial Release with Dry Needling, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stones, Aromatic Towels, Bambutherapy, Access Bar and Face Lift.

*Therapies not included in the rates